Australia Luxe Marketing

In March 2016 I was invited to improve the social media and marketing for international womenswear shoe brand Australia Luxe Collective, based in Venice Beach, California.

Starting with the companies social media, I helped to drastically overhaul their customer support across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, whilst steadily improving their online followers though regular posting of quality content.

In 18 years, I have helped them to increase their followings from:

2792 to 10.8K Instagram followers
669 to 4.3K Twitter follower
3271 to 6834 Facebook followers

Thanks to the success of their new social media campaign, I now manage Australia Luxe’s weekly email campaigns, liaise with highly influential fashion bloggers across the globe and I organized their Spring/Summer 2017 photoshoot.

If you need help with your companies social media and marketing, feel free to contact me to discuss improving your brand visibility on social media and customer support.

Check out the Australia Luxe website
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