Braid Barbers

A few years ago I sat down with Robert and David Braid, owners of two renowned barbershops in the UK, to discuss moving their brand forward. We decided to try out a few of my social media ideas on a one month trial; little did we know where that would lead.

Modern Barber MagazineSince then we have amassed over 90,000 Instagram followers, won the Best Barbers of the Year at the English Hair and Beauty Award, become brand ambassador for Apothecary 87, had editorial features in international hair magazines American Salon and Highlights Magazine, with Rob even featured on the front cover of Modern Barber Magazine (see right).

With more plans to conquer America, things have certainly gone rather well with my marketing efforts for the Braid Brothers. I can’t promise the same results for every client, but their story is the perfect example of how a client’s passion, hard work and determination really can get you noticed on a global scale.

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