Brass & Burl Furnishings

I’ve been helping the Brass & Burl team in New York with their marketing since late 2017. Starting with their social media, I began by improving their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, helping them to double their Instagram and triple their Twitter followers within the first month.

Brass & Burl is a luxury retailer specializing in furniture and décor from across the globe. Their collection features pieces from some of the world’s top design houses, hand-selected by their seasoned stylists. Headquartered in New York by husband-and-wife team Emily and Adam Young, Brass & Burl bring to life a virtual showroom that celebrates excellence in artistry, design and construction.

I’ve also recently taken over their website blog, creating 4 articles a month that are a blend of furniture designer reviews and curated content which is great for the SEO on their website.

Brass & Burl Blog

Click the link below to check out their brand new WordPress blog and if this is something that you feel would improve your marketing, feel free to hit me to discuss how I can help to push your company forward.

Check out the Brass&Burl blog

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