bPay for Barclaycard

Created app and brochureware content for Barclaycard’s new contactless wearable tech – bPay.

Boys & Girls Club Venice

Curated a DJ and music production course at the Girls and Boys Club in Venice Beach.

Udopt Website Content

Full website content build for ‘udopt’, allowing users to virtually adopt animals from WWF, Guide Dogs and Oxfam.

Hollywood or Bust

Editorial feature for ‘Drama Quarterly’ about my time trying to break into Hollywood; by any means necessary!

Scriptwriting Example

This is a small sample of the script for my television comedy/drama ‘The Grass is Always Greener’.

TV Show Pitch – Page One

This is the first page of the ‘treatment’ to my TV comedy/drama ‘The Grass is Always Greener’.

The Appliance of Science

Discovering new music can change your life, but finding this iconic band came from a rather unexpected source.