Gray Peak Hire

Headquartered in Lake Worth, Florida, Gray Peak Hire is a software provider that offers a complete talent acquisition platform. They focus on changing the dynamics of the recruiting process, to help radically reduce the time it takes to fill positions and improve the ability to identify quality candidates.

I was approached in November 2019 to help them increase their brand awareness on social media, alongside launching their business on Instagram. In my initial three months, we saw a fantastic 194.71% increase in social media audience:

Alongside a 338.93% increase in follower engagement, especially on the newly launched Gray Peak Instagram profile:

Due to the success of the social media campaign, I was offered the opportunity to take over the Gray Peak website blog and strategize their sponsored LinkedIn content.

Gray Peak Hire’s complete recruitment platform eliminates the need to utilize several independent applications to support the recruiting, hiring and onboarding. Text recruiting, video interviewing and more are all accessible in one application via a single fully-configurable dashboard resulting in a consistent, streamlined process. Click play on the video below to find out more.

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