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    English Cowboys on Patrol
  • Welcome to NYC
  • Questlove's Ya!
  • New Orleans Vibes
  • Would you like an anbred cousin with your petrol?
  • San Antonio Festival
  • Southfork Ranch
  • Salt Lick Austin
  • Cadillac Graveyard
  • On the way to Tahoe
  • Hitch a lift in Santa Cruz
  • The Bridge
  • Flamingo Feathers
  • July 4th Celebrations
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  • Mar Vista
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  • Big Sur
    Big Sur
  • North Bay Hawaii
  • Sunflower City Hawaii

The Great American Road Trip

A choice selection of photos taken over the last 18 months in America. Starting with a night in NYC, we flew down to New Orleans for the weekend. We then picked up the yellow convertible from Transformers before heading to Galveston on the coast where people talked to us about plans to overthrow the government. A quiet night in Houston was followed by a great evening in San Antonio with a women’s roller ball team. We then headed to Austin for a crazy night at the ‘Broken Spoke’ before returning back to San Antonio for a Mexican festival. We then hit Dallas via Waco(?) before being asked for ID to prove we were actually English in Amarillo. The girl who questioned our patronage had a gun in her car.

We then drove through Santa Fe for a crazy weekend in Albuquerque with ‘Miss Nikkita Oh!’ before we hit the trail to Phoenix via Flagstaff. After a day on the beach in San Diego we drove to Vegas via the Grand Canyon. That was three intense weeks. So intense I stayed for EIGHT nights in in Vegas at 3 different hotels!

After my fellow English Cowboy, ‘Two Plates Chili Dog‘, flew back to the UK I carried on to Carson City via Death Valley, then up through Reno to Lake Tahoe. Saw Tyler the Creator get all his words wrong in Santa Cruz before a wonderful week in Los Angeles where I fell in love with the City of Angels.

Then a certain ‘Mr. Jonathan F. Steamer Esq.’ arrived on a plane from the UK and we started all over again. After the most ridiculously heavy weekend in LA trapped by two hood rats in Inglewood, we wearily made our way to San Simeon. A tiny town on the California coast, Mr Steamer certainly made his presence known to both myself and the local community. We had a quick stop off again in Santa Cruz before finally hitting San Francisco for the weekend. Here we met Fresno Pete who owned an Alsatian Farm. He was so drunk I’m not sure whether he confirmed that he milked them. We did ask. We then flew BACK to Vegas for three nights before another week in Los Angeles for July 4th boat party business. Just the five days in Hawaii for a ‘holiday’ before heading over to Sydney, Australia.

You can have as much money as you want folks, but you can’t take it with you and you’ll never be able to buy the memories of those three months on this Great American Road trip.

10 out of 10.


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  1. Ali, I love reading your stories, they are so very entertaining. the random and crazy things that happen whole your travelling cannot be beaten.. 🙂 x

  2. *** while you’re travelling *** I meant to write lolzz

  3. Trigger

    Yes bro saw ya post this & just had a read, sounds average bro haha. Hit up quite a few places me & Timmie went, look forward to exchanging a few tales & making a few more soon. Also bro where did you get this page from & do you have to pay for it? X

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