Le Prunier

I had the pleasure of working with the Taylor sisters to help promote their award-winning plum beauty oil via social media.

Le Prunier is a family run business, offering amazing organic, all-natural and cruelty-free beauty oil. Co-founded in 2016, they made the decision to explore alternative uses of the plums grown on their family farm in California. Their goal was to uncover the hidden benefits of this powerful fruit, while maintaining sustainable, organic farming practices.

Le Prunier Team

Among one of the areas they explored was utilizing the overlooked by-products of the plum. What they discovered – the most precious and powerful oil – is now Le Prunier.

I came on board to assist them with their social media, helping them to maximize both their Twitter and Instagram accounts, while also creating sponsored Facebook advertisements for the company.

The brand itself has gone from strength to strength, winning many awards and featuring in some of the biggest fashion and beauty magazines in the world. To learn more about Le Prunier, click the link below to find out how you can unleash the ‘Power of the Plum’.

Le Prunier Website

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  1. Mina patel

    Hello I’m coming up with clean beauty balm. There will be four. I would need social media help. What is charge ? Thank you mina

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