Braid Barbers Hit 15,000 on Instagram.

To celebrate hitting 15,000 followers on the Braid Barbers Instagram, we decided to celebrate our 1-year anniversary on the social media app with a new monthly blog post curating some of the barbers that inspire us.

I only started the digital marketing campaign with the Braid boys in October 2014 and having co-owner Rob’s photography and barbering skills has obviously been a huge bonus for helping to create their online content. In a worldwide marketplace with so many talented barbers, Braid Barbers totally upped their game to stand out from the crowd and their Instagram account has really opened up many doors for their barbering business as a whole.

This will now be a interesting monthly feature on their new website, showcasing some of the amazing cuts from the worldwide Instagram barbering community. With this kind of daily inspiration being posted, the Braid Barbers staff have had to make every cut in 2015 count!

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