How to Fix the Man United Defence.

It really takes a special effort to have a worse start to the season than last year, but you have to hand it to Louis Van Gaal and Ed Woodward for spending close to £200 million without buying a centre half.

In no other worldwide company would you be allowed to carry on in your position with such a lopsided recruitment policy. Yes Di Maria is brilliant and Blind looks like he can play well in a number of positions, but to finish the Manchester derby with a back four of Valencia, Carrick, McNair and Shaw is tantamount to gross misconduct.

How can watch the clubs three most experienced defenders leave in the summer (Vidic, Ferdinand and Evra), then not buy any like for like replacements? Luke Shaw is 19, Rojo is quite obviously not a centre half, and Evans, Jones and Smalling are not only injury prone, but utterly brainless as footballers.

Take Smalling for example. Who didn’t expect him to receive a second yellow after his first idiotic card? We called it as soon as it happened, and low and behold, there he was 5 minutes later flying into a tackle to ruin the match and United’s chances of getting anything from the game.

United has absolutely no chance of winning anything this season, so maybe they could try this out till the end of the season. Tell Jones and Smalling to put their boots away and get them working in the Carrington canteen. After they’ve dropped a million clangers in the kitchen they will surely be sacked, thus freeing up some wages and many people’s sanity.

United can then play McNair and Blackett as the first choice centre halves for the rest of the season in a back four. They have shown more promise in a handful of games this season than Donkey 1 & 2 have over the past three. Rojo and Shaw can fight it out for the left back position, whilst Fletcher can become a journeyman right back at the expense of the frankly awful Valencia and the other red car waiting to happen; Rafael.

This can be flipped into a three at the back system with Carrick sweeping behind the two young centre halves. Jonny Evans can then carry on being as injured as he has been over the past four seasons. You know you’re in trouble at the back when you’re praying for Jonny Evans to return from injury!

Play Di Maria whoever he wants to play as he’s that good, then give Falcao a decent run in the side as the main striker. Van Persie doesn’t deserve to keep his place and Rooney can run around like a headless chicken somewhere away from the action. Wide left or centre midfield, exactly where Ferguson wanted him before Moyes gave him £300k a week and the chance to pick the team.

No manager in their right mind looked at the squad in pre season and thought ‘we’ll be fine without buying any centre halves’, but they did. Congratulations Louis Van Gaal, you’re a one in a million. And you may sit their picking your nose Giggsy, but you managed that team at the end of last season and have played with the likes of Bruce, Pallister, Johnson, Staam etc. Why didn’t you speak up about the awful defenders currently occupying the club’s shirts?

Give Blackett and McNair their chance. Rant over.

  • How to Fix the Man United Defence