Kerri Chandler Interview.

My first assignment for Traxsource was to interview one of my house music heroes; Kerri Chandler. After an hour long conversation, the editorial feature was very well received worldwide, including –

  • Website: 1.5k unique page views
  • Twitter: 8.8k organic reach, 92 engagements, 16 Retweets & 14 Faves
  • Facebook: 14.7k organic reach, 330 post clicks, 433 likes, 12 shares

Yes those Facebook stats are correct, more people liked the post than actually clicked on it! Strange eh? Kerri even shared the article himself to his 170,000 followers on Facebook, which was fantastic as I’ve been a fan for over 20 years. They say don’t meet your heroes; I disagree wholeheartedly!

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