Louie Vega: Both Then & Now.

I was given the opportunity to conduct a double feature with house music legend Louie Vega to celebrate the release of his first ever solo album ‘Louie Vega Starring…XXVIII’.

This interview was the second feature and concentrated more on Louie’s thoughts about all things house music. After all, if you really want to get to the bare bones of the scene, both today and back in the day, is there anyone better to ask than the one of scene’s premier pioneers?

Having been heavily influenced by Louie myself over the past 20 years, it gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions that I never thought I’d have the answers to. How did he and Kenny create the drums for The Nervous Track? Who has produced Louie’s favorite remix of his own work? How did the Nuyorican Soul album come about? What are his thoughts on the scene today compared to yesteryear?

I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only house head on the planet who would love to know the answers to these questions and I was lucky enough to ask the Lil’ Master himself in this Traxsource exclusive interview

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