Moments in Fashion – Evisu Jeans.

Do you remember Evisu jeans? There once was a time that you couldn’t walk the streets of the UK without a flock of white seagulls on every corner. The staple denim of many in the nineties, a change in design idealism saw some truly horrific creations scare off many a hipster. They’re still out there though, and even commissioned celebrity sex pest Terry Richardson to photograph their Autumn Winter 2014 collection.

I had a love affair with Evisu whilst travelling the world; I wore them every single day on the road. The fact that I only had one pair of jeans in my rucksack made that ‘dream’ possible, but as the dark indigo blue denim faded they seemed to take on a life of their own. No other pair of jeans has ever been through such a stupefying metamorphosis from a signet to a swan, and as you can see from the pictures, these bad boys went through some serious wear!


The funny thing is, my local denim dispensary was practically giving away Evisu jeans when they first became available in the UK! Northampton has never been the most upfront when it came to cutting edge fashion, so when Evisu first hit the shelves people didn’t quite ‘get’ them. I think I paid as little as £80 for my first pair of white gulls as nobody locally was buying them.

I flew off to South East Asia and Australia on the wings of my white gulls (via Turkish Airlines!) and they spent 9 months being battered by sea, sand, Sangsom buckets and stomach lining. As they faded into oblivion, rips began to appear on the knees, then the pockets, until alas, I had to admit defeat and put them out to pasture after a decade of service. No carriage clock. Nothing.

One day I might get them framed; a battered memory of a different time in my life. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure though, so next time you see someone in a pair of Evisu don’t laugh. Remember that those very jeans could one day be the vessel of some life long memories. Unless of course they are the monstrosities with loads of pockets all over them; then you are quite welcome to point and laugh.

Denim bullying is positively encouraged around my way.

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