Paradise Garage Revisited.

Even though the doors closed in 1987, the name Paradise Garage still sends a shiver down the spine of music connoisseurs across the globe. The club’s legacy has left an imprint on not just the people who attended the mythical club, but also many souls who never had the chance to visit the venue, myself included. After all, I’m not sure the doorman would have even let me, as I was only 13 at the time it closed!

That to me is the true power of the Paradise Garage sound. It crossed oceans, continents and even decades of time to still be a relevant source of true inspiration today. Another man heavily influenced by the sublime New York sounds of Larry and co is Kenny Summit, who has an amazing array of upcoming Paradise Garage plans in the pipeline. On Saturday 19th December 2015, Kenny’s label, Good For You Records, will be teaming up with KCRW, XLR8R Magazine and Live Nation to bring an official Paradise Garage event to Los Angeles.

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