TV Show Pitch – Page One

This is the first page of the ‘treatment’ to my TV comedy/drama ‘The Grass is Always Greener’. I have now completed the script to the pilot and second episode, so feel free to hit me up if you would like to read some more of the show idea or dialogue.

The Grass is Always Greener

By Alister McDermott

Facts & Fables from the City of Angels

Paul Murphy is stacking shelves in a provincial supermarket on the outskirts of Melbourne. A happy underachiever, Paul’s simple life is torn apart when he learns that his father has passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

‘Doc’ Murphy was a fine storyteller who told tall tales of the bright lights of Hollywood. A budding actor himself once, Doc had passed up the opportunity to become a movie star when his wife suddenly became pregnant with Paul, choosing instead to raise his new family in Australia.

Paul talks to his mother at the wake and decides to try and live out his father’s dreams by using his inheritance to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. To try and live out the stories Doc Murphy had spun yet never managed to achieve.

In the backstreets of Tijuana, a drug deal goes dramatically wrong. What should have been a regulation sale ends in bloodshed, a missing stash and all fingers pointed at Juan Garcia. Though no angel himself, Juan has been set up and it won’t be long before his bosses come looking for him demanding answers, or his head.

Juan frantically drives to his girlfriend Krystal’s house and throws her into the back of a stolen truck. Her protests fall on deaf ears as they head for the border to escape the looming storm that is about to engulf Juan’s life. On the run in a foreign country, Garcia plans to use Krystal as a way to stay in America for good, a momentary decision that will haunt him for the rest of his days.

‘Lucky’ Joe Spazzo chows down on his last line of low-grade cocaine and looks at the contract on the table. It had been 20 years since the acrimonious split of his rock band ‘The Moist Loins’ and his life since then had been one bad decision after another. With the royalty cheques drying up and his judgment clouded through a foggy mist of alcohol and drugs, this was Joe’s last chance to make something of his life before it was too late.

Signing the contract, he takes a deep slug of bourbon and picks up the set of keys from the table. Lucky Joe was now the proud owner of Hollywood hostel ‘The Place’, a decision that was to take him to the edge of the abyss and beyond.

This day is the catalyst for a chain of events that would change all four of these lives forever. The stars aligned across the sky that night in a way that they could never have imagined possible. The question is…

What would they sacrifice to live the American Dream?

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