A British couple find themselves in the midst of a surreal drug scandal in an acid-soaked adventure down the Rabbit Hole to Ibiza.



Hedonism, excess and mind-blowing music. 1994 was a landmark year in the global explosion of House music, and nowhere summed up the breathless enthusiasm of the exuberant scene as the picturesque party island of Ibiza. 

The early 90s was also when British promoters started to land on the island. Almost overnight, party organizers were not only fighting for the legion of clubbers who made their annual pilgrimage to the island, but also for the lucrative drug trade that was worth millions more. I DJed in Ibiza during the 90s and saw first-hand that beyond the glitz and glamour of the Balearic club scene, lay a dark underbelly of ultra violence and organized crime. I’ve used all the things I saw and more as the inspiration to the creation of ‘Balearica’, but with surreal, cinematic twist.

Some people were never the same after their first trip to Ibiza... 

Some never came back at all. 

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